John Redmond, 1856-1918

E.H. MillsCirca 1915

National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

John Redmond was M.P. for Waterford, 1891-1918; leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party; a Parnellite; and ardent supporter of Home Rule for Ireland. To ensure the success of the war effort and the more speedy implementation of Home Rule, Redmond offered the services of the Irish Volunteers to defend the country, an offer rejected by the government. He encouraged the Volunteers to join the British army, which split the organisation. The vast majority, thereafter known as the National Volunteers, followed Redmond, many of them enlisting in the British army. Those who aspired to an Irish republic or who had simply lost faith in Home Rule remained as the Irish Volunteers.

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  • Title: John Redmond, 1856-1918
  • Creator: E.H. Mills
  • Date Created: Circa 1915