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Clara Barton National Historic Site, National Park Service

Clara Barton National Historic Site, National Park Service

An original copy of the United States Treasury document appropriating $15,000 to reimburse Clara Barton for expenses incurred in her search for the missing men of the United States Army. It was approved on March 10, 1866 and certified by the Second Auditor of the Treasury on March 11, 1866 and again by the Second Comptroller of the Treasury on March 13, 1866. This is a standard form with handwritten information in black and red ink. On the back of the document is written, “Providing for expenses incurred in searching for missing soldiers of the army of the United States, and for the further prosecution of the same.
Several handwritten notes and signatures from individuals apparently involved in the approval process.
This appropriation came at a pivotal time in Clara Barton’s work. Without the additional funds, she was worried about having to end her program early with so much left undone, but after this passed, she continued on until early 1869.

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