Judith Sheindlin, 272 Words Essay

Judith Sheindlin2013-11-19

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

272 Words Essay by Judith Sheindlin

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  • Title: Judith Sheindlin, 272 Words Essay
  • Creator: Judith Sheindlin
  • Date: 2013-11-19
  • Location: Florida
  • Transcript: Over a million Americans have given their lives in defence of the principles which form the foundation of this great country. The question to be asked is whether their sacrafice created the country envisioned by our forefathers and where do we go from here? This country is only as strong as our next generation. Unless we demand from ourselves and our children responsible behavior as citizens fo their communities, cities, states and the United States, the greatness that is America will be lost. Finger painting and excuses for irresponsible behavior have created a generation of people who either never heard the words of JFK or choose to redefine them. The words were simple..."Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country." The freedoms we enjoy in this country are unrivaled by any other, and the dreams of our children are limited only by a lack of hard work and dedication. We must demand the best effort from ourselves and our children. We must demand the best from our government, never forgetting that the government works for us and not the other way around. We must demand the best from our elected representatives, selecting only the most talented among us to speak for us in the halls of government. If we select mediocrity, we will get what we deserve, and those hundreds of thousands of soldiers will have died for a mediocre country. A great America means demanding the best from every American who enjoys this wonderful country. Only then, the spirit and sacrafice of those soldiers will be truly honored. Judith Sheindler "Judge Judy"
  • Original Source: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, Springfield, Illinois