Coffee service

Porcelanas Bidasoa2nd middle of XX century

Gordailua, the Gipuzkoa Heritage Collection Centre

Gordailua, the Gipuzkoa Heritage Collection Centre

The fourth period at the factory (1972-1986), was marked by innovation in the design of the pieces (e.g. Bidasoa 80) and the decorative techniques used. However, the firm did not give up its classic line, creating examples of fine technique and great beauty. One example is the recreation of the Carlos IV model, inspired by the dinner service presented to the then Prince of Asturias by King Louis XV of France.

Gordailua conserves the following pieces from the set: coffee jug, milk jug, sugar bowl and cup (the saucer in the picture is from a different set), as well as other items from the same dinner service (soup tureen, vegetable dish, two sauce boats and a serving dish).

The coffee jug, milk jug and sugar bowl have a foot ring and legs, an almost spherical body and slightly tapering neck, with side handles in near-circular section. The lids of the coffee jug and sugar bowl have scalloped edges and are topped by a pineapple-shaped handle. The cup has a foot ring and legs.

The decoration is formed by the mould, with beading, reliefs of leaves and the characteristic round-bodied fruit-shaped handles, and by the painted gold 'fillet' edging outlining some of the plants and distinguishing the different sections of the pieces. All pieces are coated in transparent glaze.

Markings and stamps: On the bases, there is a stamp with the legend "BIDASOA" in green, in a green laurel wreath and, at the foot, "ESPAÑA” or “SPAIN” in the same colour.


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Inventory Number: (GFA- 019988-001 et al…)

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  • Title: Coffee service
  • Creator: Porcelanas Bidasoa
  • Date: 2nd middle of XX century
  • Provenance: Porcelanas de Bidasoa lantegia (Irun, Gipuzkoa)
  • Type: Tableware
  • Medium: Porcelain