Unknownca. 1680

Museo del Traje, Madrid

Museo del Traje, Madrid

Brown, silk dress coat with hearts and rosettes, lined with copper and gold shot silk. All of the vertical pockets with flaps, and the side and back openings, are adorned with buttons covered in silk thread and netting with a chain stitch. There is a long row of buttons that fasten the dress coat. The collar neckband was added later.

Few museums around the world have male dress coats as old as this one. It is a wonderful example of the garments that were in fashion in Europe in the last decades of the 17th century, as we know from publications such as “Le Mercure Galant”, which were the predecessors of current fashion magazines.

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  • Title: Justacorps
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: ca. 1680
  • Physical Dimensions: Delantero: Altura = 101 cm Espalda: Altura = 103 cm Manga: Longitud = 68 cm
  • Type: Justacorps
  • Photographer: Francisco Javier Maza Domingo
  • Rights: Museo del Traje CIPE
  • Medium: Cellulose, linen, silk