The drawing entitled Madreado I (Beaten-Up I) and the print Hombre en vigilia (Man in Vigil) seem to be self-referential accounts. The first shows the character’s face marked by lines, with a pair of glasses almost falling off from his nose. Judging by the use of slang in the title, the character’s appearance is the result of a beating, after which his glasses fall off and appear on the side.His repertoire typically includes faces without volume, seen in profile, with their mouths open as if they were talking or screaming, flooded by strong lines.

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  • Title: Beaten-Up I
  • Creator: Cornelio García
  • Date Created: 1992
  • Physical Dimensions: 50 x 54 cm
  • Type: Drawing
  • Medium: India ink and gouache
  • Art Movement: Arte contemporáneo de México
  • Support: Paper