Katha-Crazy Twins: Chiller Champa & Boom Bhaijaan

Harsh Raman2015-12-25/2016-02-28

St+art India

St+art India

Through this piece, Harsh Raman attempts to merge the ancient Indian art of Kathakali, a storytelling dance-form from the south of India which uses gestures and no words, with today's medium of no words - street art. The two heads together represent the duality of human nature and it's art thereof. The artwork was purposely chosen for the location so as to bridge the gap between the older migrant parents who hold on to their culture, and the younger generation - slowly letting go of their heritage.

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  • Title: Katha-Crazy Twins: Chiller Champa & Boom Bhaijaan
  • Creator: Harsh Raman
  • Date Created: 2015-12-25/2016-02-28
  • Location: Lodhi Colony
  • Type: mural
  • Project: Lodhi Art District