Kayou (Beautiful Features of Flowers)

Taiji Hamada1976

Tottori Prefectural Museum

Tottori Prefectural Museum

“Kayou”, one of the works that resulted from a visit to Okinawa, is interwoven with various characteristic elements of Ryukyu culture. The woman is dressed in a formal Ryukyu upper-class costume made from bingata dyed cloth. The colors used in this elaborate dyeing technique are determined by the wearer’s rank, whereas yellow is said to be the color that represents the highest rank. At a time when the portraits of beautiful women had began to decrease in popularity in the Japanese art world, Hamada highlighted the difference between Western painting and Japanese Nihonga by emphasizing the characteristic features of planarity and coloration in traditional Nihonga, in pursuit of his own ideal of Japanese-style painting.

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  • Title: Kayou (Beautiful Features of Flowers)
  • Date: 1976
  • Location: Japan
  • Title(japanese): 花容
  • Tecniques and materials(japanese): 紙本著色
  • Physical Dimensions: w128.5 x h178 cm (complete)
  • Period(japanese): 昭和期
  • Painter: Taiji Hamada
  • Provenance: Tottori Prefectural Museum
  • Type: Painting
  • External Link: Tottori Prefectural Museum