unknownRepublic of Korea/Joseon Dynasty

National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

A kettle is a container used for boiling water or warming liquor and pouring it into other vessels. It was generally used to pour liquor or tea and made of metal or porcelain. In particular, metal kettles were effective for heat insulation and used for boiling liquor or in winter. A kettle consisted of a round body, a handle, a spout, and a lid. A kettle for serving alcoholic drinks during a meal did not generally differ in shape from a typical kettle. It was small enough to hold a small amount of liquor or tea and sit on one corner of a table. Its lid was also designed for use as a small cup to serve liquor or tea.

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  • Title: Kettle
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: Republic of Korea/Joseon Dynasty
  • Location: 한국
  • Physical Dimensions: Diameter 10 Overall height 19
  • Type: Eating/Tableware/Food/Kettle
  • Medium: Metal/Copper alloys