Krishna Shishtai or Krishna as an Envoy

Raja Ravi Varma1890

The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation

The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation

Filled with sad thoughts of the havoc that a war would create, the pious Yudhishthira requests Krishna to impress upon the Kauravas the futility of war. Krishna proceeds to Hastinapura, but on reaching the court of the Kaurava king Duryodhana he is treated with contempt and the Kauravas attempt to take him captive. An infuriated Satyaki, an ardent devotee of the Lord, whips out his sword in Krishna's defence. Krishna immediately puts out his hand and stops Satyaki and proceeds to reveal his Viswaroopam to everyone present in the court. One of the most telling moments in the epic Mahabharata which is brought to life by Ravi Varma.

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  • Title: Krishna Shishtai or Krishna as an Envoy
  • Creator: Ravi Varma Press
  • Date Created: 1890
  • Location Created: Bengaluru, India
  • Physical Dimensions: 50 x 71 cm
  • Type: Reproduction
  • Rights: The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, Bengaluru
  • Labels and Inscriptions: Ravi Varma Press, Malavli, Lonavala
  • Creator's Lifetime: 1848-04-29/1906-10-02
  • About the Artist: Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906), India’s foremost artist, who took art to the masses, hailed from Kilimanoor, in the erstwhile state of Travancore. From a very young age, Ravi Varma, was drawn towards art, imbibing techniques from his uncle and mentor Raja Raja Varma and his mother, Umayamba Bayi, a poet in her own right. Varma was much sought after by the Royals and owing to his popularity and reputation, his spectacular and richly-textured works were prolific. His realistic portrayals of contemporary figures and interpretations of religious and mythological figures fetched him instant and enduring success, lifting his standing in the art world. If the Royals and his countrymen were in awe of this great talent, the international world was spellbound by his imagination and creativity. He ensured that art would be accessible to all, through reproductions of his paintings which were made available, and affordable to everyone.