Kyō-maru-uchiwa, Uchiwa Fans from Kyoto

Komaruya co., ltd.

Kyoto Women's University, Lifestyle Design Laboratory

Kyoto Women's University, Lifestyle Design Laboratory

In the Hanamichi or pleasure quarters of Kyoto it is customary for geishas and apprentice geishas to give uchiwa fans with their names written on them to important customers for summer greeting. These fans with the names written in vermillion on white paper is known as Kyō Maru-uchiwa or ‘round fans from Kyoto’. Every year around the beginning of summer, visitor to Kyoto’s restaurants and shops will see these establishments gorgeously decorated with fans with the names of geishas.Komaruya has been making Kyō Maru-uchiwa fans for generations, helping to keep the culture of Kyoto’s pleasure quarters alive.
The 42 fine ribs of this uchiwa fan are split from one single bamboo strip at the node, leaving the part below the node as the handle. The ribs are adjusted before the paper is glued onto the frame and left to dry. A chisel in the shape of a crescent moon is used to cut the fan to the desired uchiwa shape. Next, a strip of paper is added to the rim for finish, and a bamboo spatula is used to press the paper down along each rib. The side with the crest is the front, and the side with the name is the back.

"Kyō-maru-uchiwa" is a registered trademark of Komaruya co., ltd.("registration number of brand name"No.5673089).

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