L. M. ERICSSON AC110 Desk Telephone

L.M.ERICSSON1892 - 19th century

Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações

Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações

This predominantly black L. M. ERICSSON model AC110 desk magneto phone is designed for use with manual systems with electromagnetic calls and has a local battery system. It has two bells on its base. On the upper section, in the middle, it has a distinctive wood and chrome iron structure surmounted by a crosspiece with two semicircular rods and two hooks that act as a cradle for the handset. The structure is connected to a spring which connects and disconnects the network signal when the handset is lifted or put down, respectively. The handset consists of an earpiece and a horn-shaped mouthpiece. In the middle of the handset grip is a button which, when pressed, allows the user to speak or listen, respectively, thus comprising a semi-duplex communication system. On the left is a bank of switches with four jacks for a speaking key. On the right is a chrome crank connected to a larger toothed wheel which in turn connects to a small but also toothed wheel which, when rotated at a certain speed, creates the necessary induced voltage to establish a phone connection. The iron feet are decorated with geometric and floral designs applied as decals. Due to its reliability and practicality, it remained in use until the 1950s. Given its appearance, it was fondly known in technical and popular slang in Portugal as the “sewing machine” or “little seamstress” because of the likeness of its base to a sewing machine.

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