La chineserie

Mauro Vignando2009-01-01/2009-01-01



La Chineserie is the reproduction - based on observation - of a�ceiling decoration in a pizzeria. The joint�s employees were only Chinese, and I�ve long held the conviction that it was a Chinese pizzeria. The aesthetic reading of this ceiling was initially related to what could have been an attempt at imitating Occidental coffered ceilings; what I was doing would then be reproducing an object which acted as a bridge between Italian and Chinese culture. Its precise, yet low-cost aesthetics was a cliché we tend to associate with Chinese production. In the project�s final phase, while taking pictures of the original, I learned that the pizzeria is owned by Italians, as was predictable, but this sort of displaced my castle. A false interpretation, a false redoubling which reveals itself to be false. A thought elaboration originating from superficial grounds that fueled an idea for the subject�s analysis, which now seems to be even more pertinent.

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  • Title: La chineserie
  • Creator: Mauro Vignando
  • Date: 2009-01-01/2009-01-01
  • Location: Careof, Milan
  • Physical Dimensions: w150 x h87 x d850 cm
  • Provenance: Courtesy the artist and Careof, Milan
  • Type: Installation
  • External Link: http://www.italianarea.it/artista.php?artista=VIGM
  • Medium: Wood, metal, lamps, electrical circuit