La Conversión de San Ignacio de Loyola

Diego Mendoza

Museo Nacional de Arte

Museo Nacional de Arte

The scene depicts the wound that San Ignacio de Loyola suffered in Pamplona.
This composition draws in its foreground and at its center, we can observe the wounded Saint, who is laying on his hips while being held by his back by another fighter. On the left side of the piece, we can observe another character that holds the leg of the main actor. There we can also observe a man with a cannon, while in the background, a war scene is unfolding in the totality of the piece. It is composed of different men in armors. On the right, a knight riding a white horse and over him: the image of God among the clouds. In accordance with the hagiology of Saint Ignatius Loyola, this battle was a watershed regarding his conversion produced by the change of being a man of desires to being a man of God.
Diego de Mendoza painted in the city of Puebla. Pérez de Salazar registered a notarial deed in 1865 that refers to an appraisal of paintings done by him. The scene of the wound of Saint Ignatius is probably a painting of a series about the life of the Saint, copied from a European engraving, deriving from a Jesuit institution.

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  • Title: La Conversión de San Ignacio de Loyola
  • Creator: Diego Mendoza