La Madre del Sottosuolo

Gola Hundun2011



SIZE: 200x300x700 cm

This Instalation was born inside the project HIBRIDO (a double solo i had with my friend Paulo Auma in Curitiba Brazil).It come from a vision i had of a big being that populate a future world, a world in which human beings loose the control of their genetical experiment, and the new born monster/animals go back to nature to live their existence. The creature i imagined lives is a kind of rainbow branched serpent that live in the underground in lonlyness, there are not many in the world i imagine,and is difficult to have contact with this specie, but the one i visualize is a pregnant female.” She is coming to the upper world the humans world to give birth to his baby. The baby is the one of the prophecy, the one will bring equality in the world.” …..you can see, i act like the fetus of this animal inside her water filled belly. ih ih.

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  • Title: La Madre del Sottosuolo
  • Creator: Gola Hundun
  • Date Created: 2011
  • Location: Curitiba, Brazil


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