Lacquered Wooden Sika Deer - Part

Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum

The deer is carved out of a whole piece of wood and is decorated with real antlers. The head is rotatable. The deer is covered in black lacquer base and yellow seed-shaped patterns. Its eyes, mouth and nostrils are highlighted with red lacquer.

It was put in the east tomb chamber with musical instruments such as Qin and Se and on its legs there is a vertical hole. Therefor it is inferred that the deer could have been a drum base and was used are a part of the instrument.

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  • Title: Lacquered Wooden Sika Deer - Part
  • Location: Unearthed from Leigudun Tomb (No.1 ), Suizhou, Hubei
  • Medium: Lacquer, Antler
  • Excavation Date: 1978
  • Dynasty: Around 433 B.C. (the East Zhou Dynasty and the early Warring States Period)
  • Dimensions: Height of the Antlers: 50 cm; Height of the deer: 27 cm; length of the deer: 45 cm.