Lady on Steps

Walter Ellison

DuSable Museum of African American History

DuSable Museum of African American History

Monotype; ink on paper. Chicago scene of a woman walking up a flight of gray steps into a brownstone building with an arched doorway. The woman has short black hair, wears a long-sleeved red dress with black heels, and carries a blue bag. The building features reddish stones, blue double doors, an arched window with stained glass and a blue shade to the left of the doorway, and a barred basement window below it. Along the top edge of the print, written in pencil, is the text, "Walter Ellison - Brownstone House - Monotype 9 x 12/ 535 E. 46 Pl., Chgo, Ill."

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  • Title: Lady on Steps
  • Creator: Walter Ellison
  • Location: 535 E. 46th Place, Chicago, IL