Introduced in fall 1936 and produced until 1950, the Aprilia saloon was regarded, together with the Lambda, as one of Vincenzo Lancia’s masterpieces on account of its advanced overall conception and special construction features, such as the narrow V4 engine with hemispherical combustion chambers, all-independent suspension (with a very daring arrangement for the rear wheels), and the aerodynamic unitary body. With its initial swept volume raised from 1351 (the first series as the car on display) to 1486 cc, the Aprilia took part in many speed races, both before and after war. Its boxed chassis with long wheelbase was a great favourite with body builders for the creation of customised version.

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  • Title: LANCIA mod. Aprilia
  • Creator: Lancia
  • Date Created: 1948
  • Location: Italy