Landscape in Tahiti (Mahana Maà)

Paul Gauguin1892

Ateneum Art Museum

Ateneum Art Museum
Helsinki, Finland

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Paul Gauguin was a pioneer and developer of Synthetist painting. In 1891 he left the art world of Paris and "everything fake and conventional" behind for the island of Tahiti. He then lived and worked on the French Polynesian islands in the Pacific for the rest of his life, travelling to Europe just a few times. "Mahana Maà" is the local language for Saturday, which used to be the day of aquiring food for the whole week.

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  • Title: Landscape in Tahiti (Mahana Maà)
  • Creator: Paul Gauguin
  • Date Created: 1892
  • Physical Dimensions: w31 x h54.5 cm
  • Inventory number: A II 986
  • Dimensions: 54.5 x 31 cm
  • Collection: Hoving collection
  • Type: Paintings
  • Rights: Ateneum Art Museum, Hoving collection, http://www.fng.fi/informationandresearch/photographicservice
  • Medium: Oil on canvas