Large Sherd, Casa Grande Red-on-buff jar


Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum
Phoenix, United States

Large upper body sherd from a Casa Grande Red-on-buff jar. Surface is relatively smooth and even, with some paddle facets remaining, from shaping during the manufacturing process. Interior surface is less finished, with incomplete coil joins, wiping and scraping marks. Both surfaces are relatively micaceous. This sherd was recovered from a trashmound at the site of Pueblo Grande, during a project known as the Salt River Valley Stratigraphic Survey, funded by the federal government under the Works Projects Administration in 1938 - 1939. Pueblo Grande was a large village located at the headgates of a major canal system. Occupied as early as AD 500, the site reached its greatest extent during the Classic Period. Museum Accession: 1990.02

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  • Title: Large Sherd, Casa Grande Red-on-buff jar
  • Creator: Hohokam
  • Date: 1100/1450
  • Physical Location: Pueblo Grande Archaeological Site, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Type: ceramic