LATA 65 - urban art workshop for seniors _ day 02

LATA 65 - team2012-11-12 - 2012-11-16

WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival

WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival

WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival _ LATA 65 - Urban Art Workshop for Seniors _ 1st workshop

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  • Title: LATA 65 - urban art workshop for seniors _ day 02
  • Creator: LATA 65 - team
  • Date: 2012-11-12 - 2012-11-16
  • Location Created: Rua Rodrigues de Faria, LXFactory, Lisboa, District - Lisboa; Country - Portugal
  • location:lon: -9.177711
  • location:lat: 38.704000
  • Technique: stencil + aerosol
  • Physical Dimensions: w5,00 x h2,00 m (complete)
  • Map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=213433614628918665172.0004c6b4f652c100ea4be&msa=0&dg=feature
  • Details: With each new intervention performed by WOOL we were able to see the simplicity and naturalness with which Urban Art reached the various age groups, particularly the “elder residents” of our performance areas, especially in Covilhã, where those 'locals' became our companions and spectators of all hours. Every day we witnessed the daily and nightly pilgrimages of the elderly people, who left their homes, not to go to Mass or a usual cards game, but to follow all details of the painting performances. We heard a thousand stories about what might be emerging on the walls and it moved us hearing things like 'my city regained its colours.' Therefore LATA 65 ('lata' means can, spray can) served as a challenge to take beyond his interest shown by Street Art, with the objective intentions to: - prove that concepts such as active aging and solidarity between generations make more sense everyday; - bring the not so young population closer to a form of artistic expression usually associated with younger people; - demonstrate that age is just a number. The model designed to 'verify these intentions was simple: gather small groups of people who have passed the age of retirement and with the support of some of the most respected street artists nowadays, the participants learned the history of Graffiti and Street Art, including the various technical 'terms', the various intervention techniques in the street and finally put into it practice and go to the street to share with the world their ideas in a mural in the city. The result was a week of intense work, of many surprises and energetic learning. This project of real collaboration and sharing seemed to have awakened a creative spirit, which was already forgotten, and above all brought up the feeling of fun that so important in any age. And if there were any doubts (and expectations) regarding the interest or the abilities of the participants, including their physical capacity for the required actions (with an average of around 84 years in the first edition of LATA 65) those doubts were quickly clarified by them and by the managers of the Social Centre, as seen in the following testimony: "... This is an innovative way to show society that the elderly are not to be put on a shelf." Dr. Isabel Brito (CSPA technical director) "... They all have a youthful spirit that fascinates me...", Dr. Isabel Brito (CSPA technical director) "... Extremely motivated." Dr. Isabel Brito (CSPA technical director) "... Now I look at the walls differently, I know what is in front of me on the street.", D. Lurdes Aka Armando. "... when I'm here, I'm not thinking about the hours and days I still have left to live." Mr. Manuel aka Balé "... I found something to live for ..." Luísa Cortesão aka L is not an artist Methodology: The entire workshop was designed to be taught in a relaxed work environment and active participation, both in the transmission of theoretical contents and in the practical phases. These two components, theory and practice, are required in every new theme or technique of urban intervention under analysis, in order to achieve one of the primary objectives of this workshop, the recognition 'of what you see on the streets' and how it is done. The workshop was structured in 4 (four) modules, which naturally obey a chronology, which also reflects the emergence and evolution of the work 'on the street'. 02 _ TAG, as being the base (identity) of any writter. Presentation of examples that illustrate some phases of the evolution of the tag `writting'. `Creation' of tag and its project, that later will be painted on the wall during the last phase of this workshop. The participant will choose their unique 'nickname ', which will be drawn and redrawn, deconstructing it like the work of thewritter. The module is supported by viewing concrete projects of national and international writters .
  • Biography: See all about LATA 65 on our page: www.facebook.com/Lata65
  • Provenance: WOOL Fest
  • Type: street art
  • Rights: WOOL Fest
  • External Link: www.woolfest.org

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