Le membre fantôme

Vanessa Beecroft2015

Italy - Biennale Arte 2015

Italy - Biennale Arte 2015

Vanessa Beecroft goes back to the classical language
of sculpture – in a conceptual perspective – and
leads us towards territories inhabited by timeless
statuary. She presents us with a scene that is visible
only at a distance, where the viewer must look
through a crevice carved out of two marble walls.
On the other side we see fragments of a stone
garden, rich in archaeological allures and echoes of
early twentieth century Avant-Garde. The Archive of
Memory is here a tribute in bronze – placed at the
centre of the installation – to Marcel Duchamp’s
Étant donnés, a reference model for her research
that combines personal memories, historical and
artistic impressions and a conceptual tension.

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