The ponytail comb

René Maximilien Boucheron

National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

accessory called, a "pony or postilion tail," can be used for
various aspects of a lady's toilette, especially those relating to the hair and head.
This ponytail can be made from plant materials, hair,
strands of silk, wool, or cotton, in one or a number of colors,
natural or artificial, and may be combined with other
suitable accessories. It may also be created wholly or
partly with touches or threads of gold, silver, or any other gold- or
silver-plated metal. This ponytail can cater to a lady's every whim,
particularly those inspired by the eccentric toilettes associated with
theater, balls, and fashions from abroad.As for the comb, it is made up of two distinct parts: a comb which has
an undefined number of teeth and a plate whose shape varies
greatly. So that it can be easily adapted to the hair, the bottom side of the
comb has a trim that can be made out of any suitable material,
although silk is preferred."

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  • Title: The ponytail comb
  • Creator: René Maximilien Boucheron
  • Original Source: INPI Archives
  • Rights: Institut national de la propriété industrielle
  • External Link: https://www.inpi.fr/fr
  • Medium: drawing