Leaflet, Women's demand

Women's Social and Political Union and St Clements Pressc. 1909

Museum of London

Museum of London

Leaflet No. 60 published by the Women's Social and Political Union entitled 'Women's Demand'. The leaflet outlines the suffragette demand for female suffrage on the same terms as men. The mass distribution of propoganda literature justifying militant action and 'educating the public' on the justice of female suffrage was a key tactic of the Women's Social and Political Union who aimed to achieve mass popular support for their campaign. Such leaflets were mass printed and sold in bulk through the The Woman's Press to local branches of the WSPU. The costs were 9d for hundred leaflets and 6 shillings for 1000 with postage free. The Woman's Press placed regular advertisements in the weekly Votes for Women newspaper listing all the propaganda leaflets available.

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