Letter of congratulation to Klaus Zwilsky

Erich Nelhans (Jewish community of Berlin)1945-07-27

Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

Letter of congratulation to Klaus Zwilsky (born 1932): signed by Erich Nelhans (1899–1950) on behalf of the Jewish community of Berlin; typewritten, Berlin, 27.07.1945.

Nelhans had survived underground. Until his arrest by the Soviet High Command in 1948, he served as chairman of the Jewish community. For allegedly helping Soviet soldiers flee to West Berlin, he was later condemned to 25 years in a labor camp. He died in a Soviet labor camp in 1950.

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  • Title: Letter of congratulation to Klaus Zwilsky
  • Creator: Erich Nelhans (Jewish community of Berlin)
  • Date: 1945-07-27
  • Location: Berlin-Mitte
  • Physical Dimensions: 29,5 x 21 cm
  • Original Language: deutsch
  • Provenance: Gift of Klaus M. Zwislky
  • Transcript: Jewish Community of Berlin Oranienburgerstr. 28 Berlin, 27 July 1945 To the Bar mitzvah Zwilsky Iranischestr. 2 Heartfelt congratulations on your bar mitzvah and our good wishes for the future, from the chairman of the Jewish Community. As a memento we make you a gift of this Haggadah. The best of luck! Chairman: (Signature) Erich Nelhans
  • Type: Letter
  • Inventarnummer: 2003/141/166