Light Arrangement No.1

Tsai Hsiao-Chi and Yoshikawa Kimiya2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

The magnifier highlights the different colors and patterns at the inner core of the vase. Changes of light and shadows resulted from refractions and crowd movement has enlivened the immovable piece of artwork to create mercurial patterns and lively imagination.
Tsai and Yoshikawa draw inspiration from the flamboyant giant vase that was once a living room ornament in ancient China. They use a magnifier to recreate the shape of an ancient vase and top it off with some abstract plant-like elements made of plastic to create colorful three-dimensional flowers in abstract shapes. The result is an object of elegance and exuberance.
At night, the magnifier reflects the light onto its surroundings creating an impressive visual impact. Walking into H-PARK’s spacious hall in simple colors, one can feel the effect of Light Arrangement No.1 that has generated splendid surprises in a creative space that combines people, hairstyle and fashion

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  • Title: Light Arrangement No.1
  • Creator: Tsai Hsiao-Chi and Yoshikawa Kimiya
  • Date: 2011
  • Medium: Perspex, magnifying, glass, fiberglass, metal, and lightbulbs
  • Location: H PARK II