Lights in the Interspace

Zdzisław Stanek1957/1960

Muzeum Historii Katowic

Muzeum Historii Katowic

The most gifted among the youngest artists of Stalinogród was doubtlessly Zdzisław Stanek, a talent swiftly developing. His beautiful still life entitled „Bottles and Light” is already an achievement. In the painting, the principle is consistently implemented of merging the shapes disrupted by the light, colliding with one another and then – in the sight of our wandering eye – reunited in a rhythm different from the previous one. There is a permeating and flowing motion in the image, as well as the complementation of the form. Stanek owed much to the purist experiments, but he did not limit himself to just these. I foresee a bright future awaiting this talent. Julian Przyboś, 1956

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  • Title: Lights in the Interspace
  • Creator: Zdzisław Stanek
  • Date Created: 1957/1960
  • Location: In the collection of the Museum of Katowice History.
  • Physical Dimensions: 80 cm x 100 cm
  • Type: painting
  • Medium: oil, granular paint primer, canvas