Lodz, Poland, Portrait of the girl Manya Schahir.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

Manya Schahir (her family name might be Pumrerantz) was born in the USSR in 1940. she had been hidden by christians and was returned to Judaism by the Coordination organization after the war. Her parents names are Efraim and Sima.

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  • Title: Lodz, Poland, Portrait of the girl Manya Schahir.
  • Location: Lodz,Poland, Poland
  • Subject Keywords: Portraits , Rescue , Postwar period , Children , Redemption of children
  • Origin: מתי הופשטטר
  • Name of submitter: מתי הופשטטר
  • Description: Dr. Malka (Mela) Mendelbaum, who was born in Cracow, Poland, devoted her life to work in education. She immigrated to Israel in 1949. After the war, she was an active member of the Central Committee of the "Zionist Coordination for Redemption of Children" in Poland. This album, documenting the children who were found by the organization's members and returned to Judaism, was dedicated to her. She died in Israel in 2002, aged 99.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 7468
  • Album number: FA367/25
  • Album Title: Malka (Mela) Mendelbaum, the owner of the album, and aunt of the photo submitter Mati Hofshtater, who was an active member of the "Coordination" organization in Poland.


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