Louis Vallery-Radot

Champollion s.c. 90

Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
Paris, France

Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) married Marie Laurent (1826–1910) in 1849.
They had 5 children: Jeanne (1850–1859), Jean-Baptiste (1851–1908), Cécile (1853–1866), Marie-Louise (1858–1934) and Camille (1863–1865).
Jean-Baptiste Pasteur married Jeanne Boutroux (1854–1932) in 1874; they had no children.
Marie-Louise Pasteur married René Vallery-Radot (1853–1933) in 1879; they had three children. Camille (1880–1927), Madeleine (1882–1882) and Louis (1886–1970).
Camille Vallery-Radot did not marry and had no children.
The decree of September 4, 1945 authorized Louis Vallery-Radot to take as a patronymic the name Pasteur Vallery Radot.
Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot married Jacqueline Gohière de Longchamps; they had no children.

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  • Title: Louis Vallery-Radot
  • Creator: Champollion s.c. 90
  • Subject Keywords: Famille
  • Type: Famille
  • Rights: Coll. musée Pasteur. © Institut Pasteur/Musée Pasteur
  • Medium: Engraving based on photograph by Hemarnn and Co. or Pierre Petit?