Louise Braverman Architect, Active Voice. Video presentation at Palazzo Bembo, 2016.

Photo: Sergio Pirrone

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Architecture of Art+Conscience
Practicing locally and globally, we are a highly focused collaborative studio, committed to building sustainable architecture of art and conscience. Designing artistically inventive projects that are situated in both their time and place, we search for elemental solutions to complex architectural and urban problems, using common means to achieve uncommon results. Our work is the culmination of an energetic dialogue with our communities, creating an architectural conversation with both time and place resulting in built form that ultimately shapes our existence.
Architecture of Aesthetics
We bring a unique aesthetic vision to all of our projects. Our innovative designs exhibit a consistent aesthetic elegance. This is apparent at all levels of our work, from our comprehensive conceptual thinking to our drawing of the smallest detail.
Architecture of Conscience
Recognizing that ethically valid architecture must provide for both the individual and the community, we tap our artistic impulse to create architecture that encourages public participation. Our strategy of inclusion is reflected in the success of our designs for many distinctive populations
Architecture of Research
In order to achieve artistic results on the tight budgets typical of the public sector, our office is a laboratory of inventive ideas that reflect our culture today. We add architectural value to all of our projects by building sustainably.
Active Voice: a Conservation About the Courage to Create Architecture of Consequence
Taking into consideration the particulars of time and place, we engage in active conversations with our communities to help give definition to their existence. Our installation for this year’s 15th Venice International Architecture Exhibition is a snapshot of one such conversation where we created a series of architectural interventions that addressed pressing issues of a community in need. Responding to the curatorial focus, “Reporting From the Front”, a three dimensional video exploration seen through the lens of our ongoing work with the Staten Island Community Charter School in New York City is at the core of our exhibit. We believe that this series of projects portrays the urgency of the moment to create an inclusive public domain.
Alejandro Aravena suggests, and we agree, that today we must understand that we can be architectural agents of change. But what does that entail? Our experience has taught us that it takes:
-Awareness to comprehend the urgency of our architectural moment
-Vision to speculate in undefined territory
-Imagination to create aesthetically inventive architecture
-Acumen to intervene with an economy of means
-Insight to work incrementally
-Intelligence to use common sense
-Humanity to harness participatory design
Striving to capture all of the above, we forge ahead!

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  • Title: Louise Braverman Architect, Active Voice. Video presentation at Palazzo Bembo, 2016.
  • Creator: Photo: Sergio Pirrone