Lyon Presqu'Ile, Hôtel d'Horace Cardon


Historical Cities

Historical Cities

You are now facing the Town Hall. The construction and decorations started in 1646, according to the plans of Simon Maupin, and were completed in 1672. On 13 September, 1674, a fire destroyed the building. It was partially restored by Robert de Cotte in 1680. A new restoration was launched in 1700 and the Consulate called in Hardoin Jules Mansart, architect of the Château de Versailles. The main body facing the Place des Terreaux was raised, the roofs were changed and an almost horizontal perspective was established, in harmony with the Palace of Saint Peter. After 1793, new restorations were completed by the prefect Vaïsse. Note that the City Hall includes a beautiful suspended spiral staircase.

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  • Title: Lyon Presqu'Ile, Hôtel d'Horace Cardon
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