Under the title (sic), the artist brought together the works that resulted from a reinterpretation of his own creations, in a self-appropriation exercise that he called a nostalgic period, which is not exempt from certain critical irony towards postmodern trends. México en construcción (sic) [Mexico under Construction (sic)], produced between 2013 and 2014, repeats the design of a series of pieces that he worked in different sizes and materials. The one owned by the museum since 2015, is one of the three versions that share the same title and dimensions located in the city.

In this case, he uses industrial materials that contrast in their roughness with the lightness of two curved structures, one made of steel rod and the other of a resin that resembles granite, assembled on a point that serves as support. The seemingly lightweight metal grille contrasts with the compact mass of the arch’s surface, in a balanced composition in which the artist uses common construction materials to form a metaphor of his own repetitive action, which also applies to the process of starting new personal stages and to the country’s circumstances.

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  • Title: Mexico under Construction (sic)
  • Creator: Pedro Escapa
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Physical Dimensions: 160 x 170 x 180 cm
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Medium: Molded, assembly and mounting
  • Art Movement: Arte contemporáneo de México
  • Support: Rocam and steel rod