Madonna at the Fountain

Jan van Eyck

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

In an enclosed garden with luxuriant vegetation, Mary with the Christ Child stands in front of a richly brocaded fabric held up by two angels. Mother and child display their affection for each other: Christ is caressing Mary's neck with his right hand, while she looks lovingly at him. It was in Mary that the faithful in late mediaeval times sought refuge, as a child does with its mother. Between approximately 1516/1523, this gem was probably in the possession of Margaret of Austria. In 1838, van Ertborn bought it from the priest of the village of Dikkelvenne.

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  • Title: Madonna at the Fountain
  • Creator: Jan van Eyck
  • Location: (Maaseik ca.1390 - Bruges 1441)