Mechanical toy:Mechanical Honeymoon Express J-2498

Louis Marx & Companyca. 1927

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

According to collector books, Louis Marx made about 40 variations of the Honeymoon Express. The manufacturer started his own toy company in 1921 and mass-produced and sold inexpensive toys in huge quantities. The Marx company was particularly noted for its chromolothographed wind-up toys, of which the Honeymoon Express and the Marx Merrymakers and mechanical toys featuring screen and comic-strip characters are the best remembered. This wind-up train and its variations documents the secret to the Marx company's success. Marx offered a variety of toys similar in make-up to popular or successful toys produced by other companies. Marx, however, varied the toy enough to avoid charges of piracy and undersold the competition. Yearly alterations to his toys kept them in production for decades and thus held down per unit costs.

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  • Title: Mechanical toy:Mechanical Honeymoon Express J-2498
  • Creator: Louis Marx & Company
  • Date Created: ca. 1927
  • Location: Japan
  • Subject Keywords: Honeymoon Express
  • Type: Mechanical Toys
  • Medium: chromolithograph, tin, cardboard
  • Object ID: 104.1549
  • Credit Line: Gift of Carol Simmons