Members of an ISS Earth Science.


Washington, DC, United States

Members of an ISS Earth Science: Tracking Ocean Winds Panel brief media representatives in Kennedy Space Center’s Press Site auditorium in preparation for the launch of the SpaceX CRS-4 mission to resupply the International Space Station. From left are Steve Cole, NASA Public Affairs, Steve Volz, associate director for flight programs, Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Ernesto Rodriquez, ISS RapidScat project scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL, and Howard Eisen, ISS RapidScat project manager, JPL.

The mission is the fourth of 12 SpaceX flights NASA contracted with the company to resupply the space station. It will be the fifth trip by a Dragon spacecraft to the orbiting laboratory. The spacecraft’s 2.5 tons of supplies, science experiments, and technology demonstrations include critical materials to support 255 science and research investigations that will occur during the station's Expeditions 41 and 42. Liftoff is targeted for an instantaneous window at 2:14 a.m. EDT. To learn more about the mission, visit http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/structure/launch/index.html. Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann

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  • Title: Members of an ISS Earth Science.
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