Memorandum by Sata Saburodayu

Sata Saburodayu18th-19th century, Edo period

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum
Fukuoka-ken, Japan

According to the memorandum, Sata Muneharu took part in the Shimabara War to attack on Hara-jo castle as a captain of a gun squad of the Tachibana army in 1637. He brought a cooper, who usually made wooden buckets, for preparing a lot of bundles of bamboo which were used for attacking the castle. However, both of them died in the battle. Muneharu was shot while the cooper was struck by the stone that the enemy rolled down from the castle.

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  • Title: Memorandum by Sata Saburodayu
  • Creator: Sata Saburodayu
  • Date Created: 18th-19th century, Edo period
  • Physical Dimensions: 15.7×52.9cm
  • Type: Dcument
  • Rights: Private collection