Michelangelo Buonarroti

Hans Makart1881/1884

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Vienna, Austria

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna openend to the public in 1891. Hans Makart (1840–84) had originally been commissioned to execute the painting for the ceiling as well as fanlight, spandrel, and intercolumnar areas as part of the interior decorations in the main staircase of the new built museum. The contract was signed in February 1881; in the same year an imperial delegation was able to view the artist’s initial sketches. Shortly before his death, Makart had completed the fanlight paintings depicting “classical heroes of painting” and their “favourite materials”. Michelangelo’s Adam (Vatican, ceiling fresco, Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam, 1508–12) appears viewed from the rear leaning on an Ionic column against a red cloth backdrop. He is observed by the artist engaged in the process of creation, who thus assumes the place of the Almighty. For further Information on the building see: Cäcilia Bischoff, The Kunsthistorisches Museum. History, Architecture, Decoration, Vienna 2010

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  • Title: Michelangelo Buonarroti
  • Creator: Hans Makart
  • Date Created: 1881/1884
  • Type: Interior decoration

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