Mister Peuu. In the City and in the High Society

Peterburgskaya Gazeta1914/1914

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

A Fancy Ball at Countess M.E. Kleinmichel’s
Yesterday the highest society was talking of nothing but a brilliant fancy ball given by Countess Maria Eduardovna Kleinmichel.
Its fantastic nature, as well as the artistic merit of fanciful ideas revealed the rare artistic taste of its organizers, whose intention was to overcome the stereotypes and the dullness of modern fashion. Along with painted shoulders and Bakst’s original style, you could enjoy the Venetian luxury and charm of Oriental colors.
The ball was opened with a magnificent Oriental procession.
Then everyone performed an Oriental dance, followed by a beautiful round of czardas.
Ladies wearing striking costumes of XVIII century marquises performed a very beautiful minuet to the classical sounds of Mozart’s music with their partners.
As soon as character dances were over, a ball to the music of string orchestra started.
Dresses were distinguished by great luxury, style and beauty.
Princess O.K. Orlova was wearing a light grey costume by Paquin, her hair was done in Oriental style and decorated with pearls and diamonds, making her delicate aristocratic appearance even lovelier.
A costume made from velvet and silk pur Bakst style worn by Ms. Olive was exceptional in its splendor and originality. It combined black and blue velvet, decorated with large sapphires and incredible emeralds, and green silk embellished with silver ornaments. On the upper part of her arm Bakst painted two green roses. The dress was complemented by silver shoes with talon Bakst decorated with diamonds, and green silk stockings.
Her Highness Princess Gorchakova was wearing an original silver-and-white Indian garb designed by Bakst, with gold and silver pieces patterned with high-relief Arabian ornaments. Emeralds, sapphires, silvery tassels and frills bouillonné, also to Bakst’s design, complemented the fairy-tale look of this original outfit.
Princess Abamelik-Lazareva was wearing a “Comet” costume, an extremely striking one, with not only jewels, but also electrical lights shining on the train of her dress.
Ms. Kharitonenko was dressed in a black-and-green velvet Persian costume of XV century with golden pantalettes and a wide golden belt made in Paris at Poiret’s to Bakst’s design.
There were many extremely graceful costumes “after Bakst”. This ball was really unprecedented in terms of beauty and originality of costumes.
Mister Peuu.

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  • Title: Mister Peuu. In the City and in the High Society
  • Creator: Peterburgskaya Gazeta
  • Date Created: 1914/1914
  • Provenance: Peterburgskaya Gazeta
  • Type: newspaper
  • Medium: velvet silk Olive, black and blue velvet, sapphires, emeralds, green silk, silver ornaments, blue cobalt color, feathers of green, violet, blue color, pearls and jewels,diamonds, velvet flounce, green silk stockings.