Mobility Vision Concept

Hyundai Motors

Gwangju Design Biennale

Gwangju Design Biennale

Hyundai’s Mobility Vision concept, which is built upon on the goal of providing the “Freedom to Move through Future Technologies,” presents three directions for future mobility technologies: eco-friendly mobility, the freedom of movement, and connected mobility. Through the Smart House concept linking cars—once only used as a means of transportation—to customers’ lives, the auto maker illustrates its mobility vision that seemingly integrates its self-driving car into the daily lives of users, blurring the line between home, work, and transportation. Hyundai, for the very first time, presented a future design direction of designing the interior of the vehicle similar to that of residential spaces. This move illustrates the company’s strong intention that to dominate the future mobility market, it will take the lead not only in technology but also in design.

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  • Title: Mobility Vision Concept
  • Creator: Hyundai Motors
  • Date Published: 2017
  • Location: 2017GwangjuDesignBiennale Gallery2
  • Physical Dimensions: 712.6×932.9×240cm
  • Type: product
  • Medium: mixed media

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