Moche corn popper vessel


National Museum - New Delhi

National Museum - New Delhi

The vessel in form of pan with large necked human headed handle depicts red step pattern on cream slip base. In most probable view, this vessel would have been used as popcorn toaster by the Mochicas. Moche people used this ceramic vessel to hold the kernels over the fire.Popcorn (quersu) was a favourite with Mochicas, and they even invented a special corn-popper for it. During the peak period of the regional cultures ceramic pots with handles for roasting corn were used more or less throughout Peru, but especially in the north. This ceramic pot has a narrow circular opening. Popcorn pops when the water inside the kernel turns to steam and bursts through the outer layer. The indigenous people of the Americas roasted maize over an open flame.

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  • Title: Moche corn popper vessel
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 200/600
  • Location: Mochica, Peru
  • Physical Dimensions: h 9.6cm x 25.3
  • Accession Number: 67.253