Model circus

Luc Cardin1973



Model of Amar circus before the show, in 1959. Spread out at the center of a square is the green cotton canvas marquee, supported by eight white poles topped by four French flags and four lanterns. To the left is the signposted public entrance to the circus. The model is divided into six parts in accordance with Mr. Cecchini’s drawing (Nov 2010): Loc A: this corresponds to the upper left corner: on the left hand side there is a yellow and red food truck with a white apex. Called the "BAR AMAR CONFISERIE” [AMAR CONFECTIONERY BAR], it has several figures in front of it. On the upper side making the corner, there is a gray truck with two trailers and, between the two, a red-and-white-striped fiberboard roof below which are two figures. At the center of A, there are three yellow trucks with white roofs bearing the AMAR logo in black lettering; a white car and two yellow trailers with white roofs and their stairs out. Loc B: corresponding to the right hand square comprised of the artists’ entrance to the circus and six trucks in front of it. Loc C: “THE MENAGERIE" comprising an entrance between two yellow trailers bearing the words “VISIT THE JUNGLE." The big cats at the center in three yellow trailers. Opposite them, the horses and two lamas under a white canvas. Loc D: the savanna animals (a giraffe, elephants, and a hippopotamus with its master). Loc E: corresponds to the back of the circus, with nine yellow trucks and trailers with white roofs. Next to this, several figures are in the final stages of erecting the green marquee. Loc F: also comprised of yellow trailers arranged side by side.

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  • Title: Model circus
  • Creator: Luc Cardin
  • Date Created: 1973
  • Medium: Dried plants, affixed card, cut, affixed, painted wood, built, affixed, painted metal, molded, affixed, painted metal thread, Cloth, tinted, sewn, cut plastic material, molded, affixed, painted