Model of Barkentine Kohala Model of Barkentine Kohala (View 1)

Ron Cleveland

National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

This highly detailed model of the four-masted lumber barkentine Kohala depicts the vessel on the starboard side with men working on deck loading lumber into the hold. Cutaway sections on the port side reveal details of the vessel’s framing and construction as well as the method used to stow lumber. The model’s accurate rigging offers a detailed look at the lines and hardware involved in rigging an early 1900s barkentine.
The Kohala was built by the HD Bendixsen Shipbuilding company of Fairhaven, California, for Hind, Rolph and Company of San Francisco in 1901. With a carrying capacity of 1 million feet of lumber, the Kohala spent nearly 30 years sailing around the Pacific Basin hauling lumber, and later sugar or coal. In 1927 it was anchored off Southern California and turned into a fishing barge.

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