Model tipi

unknownc. 1908

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

Made-for-sale miniature tipi with protective dream imagery.

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  • Title: Model tipi
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: c. 1908
  • Location: File Hills Agency Reserve, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Physical Dimensions: h50 cm
  • Provenance: Gift of Sir Edmund Walker
  • Type: Tipi
  • Rights: Royal Ontario Museum
  • Medium: hide; wood; paint; feather
  • Culture: Plains Cree
  • Collector information: Collected by Edmund Morris. Edmund Morris lived from 1871 to 1913, a period of rapid transition in which the Plains Indian tribes shifted from nomadic dependence on the buffalo to settlement on parcels of land called “reserves.” From 1907 to 1911, Edmund journeyed to reserves in the newly formed prairie provinces to create an intimate and thoughtful record of Indian life through pastel sketches, photography, the written word, and a collection of artifacts. As the youngest son of Alexander Morris, the Lieutenant Governor who negotiated most of the Plains Indian treaties, Edmund had a deep commitment to his task. His work provides remarkable insight into the lives of the Plains people and their communities. In 1913 he donated his extraordinary collection of artifacts and his diary to the Royal Ontario Museum, the same year the Province of Ontario transferred to the musuem its collection of 58 Plains portraits by Morris.
  • Accession Number: 912.40.46

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