Modern Tortoiseshell Folding Fan with Carved Dragons

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Made all by tortoiseshell, this fan has a harmonious palette of red, yellow, brown and white, as well as a well-arranged composition with relief-style patterns of pavilions, terraces, figures and patterns on the panel, surrounding the motif in the center that signifies the owner’s family. One of the two guards is embellished with relief-style figures while the other features dragons. What makes this small but cute fan even more special is its rivet that is also made of tortoiseshell, adding unique elegance to this item.

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  • Title: Modern Tortoiseshell Folding Fan with Carved Dragons
  • Physical dimensions: Length: 19cm, unfolded width: 35cm, 21 guards & ribs
  • Dates: Modern Times