Modern Umbrella — Nubrella

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

The canopy of this nubrella was made of two patches of lozenge-shaped black rainproof cloth pieced together with four pieces of transparent plastic film in the same shape. With a diameter slightly longer than the shoulder to prevent this section from rain, the canopy provides the wearer with access to the front view through the transparent film.
The frame of this nubrella consists of seven half-round metal sticks, which are controlled by the red button on the handle attached to the front bottom. There are also four tapes hanging from the bottom of the nubrella, used to fasten this piece of raingear around the shoulder.

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  • Title: Modern Umbrella — Nubrella
  • Physical dimensions: Front-rear length: 69cm, height: 46cm
  • Dates: 21st Century