This is the first motorcycle built in Spain by Miquel Villalbí which was designed between 1903 and 1904 ending in 1905. The first prototype was made using traditional methods due to the lack of industry components and finally just only 5 units were built and sold for 1.200pts price. Without this first attempt, generally the first builders of motorcycles, as Miquel Villalbí, mainly opted to become distributors of foreign models due to the lack of native components industry.

It has a four-stroke single cylinder engine with opposed automatic admission valves with a long stroke of 78 x 90 mm equivalent to 429.83 cc .. The ignition coil stack and performed by the carburetor available commands separated by gas and air transmission V-belt was made without gearshift and pedals to aid climbing. At the top of the fuel tank are three small keys for regulating the spark advance, air and gas. In the command of decompression handlebars and contact system that worked by turning the handle as today motorcycles.

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  • Title: motorcycle
  • Creator: Miquel Villalbí
  • Date: 1904/1904