Motoyuikake-do Hall of Sanbutsu-ji Temple

Unknown17th - 18th Century Early Edo Period

Mt. Mitoku Sanbutsu ji Temple

Mt. Mitoku Sanbutsu ji Temple
Misasa-cho, Touhaku District, Japan

Prefectural Preservation of Cultural Property
This is one of the halls located along the ascetic trail from Sanbutsu-ji Temple’s Hon-do Hall to Nageiredo Hall. It was built in a cave, the same way as Kannon-do Hall. The architectural style suggests it was constructed in early Edo Period.
Since “Motoyui” means to harden the “string” with glue in order to tie the hair, the name implies that the hair of Sanbutsu-ji’s priest was shaved off, tied by a string and stored in this structure.
“Siddhārtha” is the principal object of worship.

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