Mountains and Rivers, Series <what takes place in another world> No. 2

Huang Xinbo1962 - 1962

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Huang Xinbo, born in 1916 in Guangdong Province, was a print-maker, painter and comic artist. In 1934, he was admitted to the Shanghai School of Fine Art to study Western painting and joined the Woodcut Research Society. In 1945, he arrived in Hong Kong and worked as a field reporter in China Business Daily until early 1947. As a founder of the Human Art Club, he also established Human Publishing House in 1946. After going back to the mainland in 1949, he was appointed professor of the South China People Academy of Literature and Art (1950), Chairman of the Guangdong Division of the China Artists’ Association (1956), Chairman of the Guangdong Division of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (1960). After the Cultural Revolution, Huang presided over the resumption of the Guangdong Art Academy and the Guangdong Division of the National Association of Chinese Artists, and was the vice chairman of the Association. He has participated in many exhibitions such as “Original Block Prints by Huang Xinbo”, “Huang Xinbo Block Print Exhibition”, “50 Years of Chinese Woodcut Exhibition”. In 1980, Huang died of illness at the age of 64. Mountains and Rivers is from the series <what takes place in another world> Huang created in 1962. This print depicts the hard life of Hong Kong people as he saw, illustrates the situation of Hong Kong under water restrictions. In the foreground, poor and thirsty people wait at the dry water tap in great duress. In sharp contrast, the background contains an ironic depiction of a garden of the wealthy, who take pleasure in owning water fountains.

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  • Title: Mountains and Rivers, Series <what takes place in another world> No. 2
  • Date: 1962 - 1962
  • Woodcut artist: Huang Xinbo
  • Physical Dimensions: w315 x h435 mm
  • Type: Plaster print