Mrs. Margaret Roper

Abraham or Joseph Danielc.1795

English Heritage

English Heritage

The prominent bonnet worn by this somewhat matronly sitter immediately draws attention. The sitter plainly decided that this portrait would show her as a lady of fashion. The artist has again chosen to limit the palette to almost grisaille tones through the choice of clothing. Here the black coat and muslim shawl contrast with the rather frivolous looking straw hat and white ribbon. It can be dated to about 1795.
The reliance on a limited, brownish palette and the rather flat appearance of the face suggest that this miniature is more likely to be by Abraham rather than Joseph Daniel.

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  • Title: Mrs. Margaret Roper
  • Creator: Abraham or Joseph Daniel
  • Date Created: c.1795
  • Location: Kenwood House
  • Physical Dimensions: Oval, 8.7 x 6.8 cm
  • Provenance: Limner Antiques, London; purchased by the Draper estate, given to kenwood, 1990 (88029848)
  • Type: Miniature
  • Rights: Historic England Archive
  • Medium: Watercolour on ivory; gilt metal mount in a replacement ebonised frame