painting by Umezawa Seiga, inscription by Hoashi Banriaround 1840

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum

Mt.Tachibana was a site of the castle where Bekki Dosetsu (the first head of the Tachibana family) who took in charge of, Ginchiyo (Dosetsu's daughter) took over and Tachibana Muneshige (Ginchiyo’s husband, and also the first lord of the Yanagawa clan) defended. This historical battlefield of the Tachibana family was painted by Umezawa Seiga (?~1864), an official painter of Yanagawa clan. It has San (inscription on a painting) by Hoashi Banri, who was a Confucian of Hiji clan in the late Edo period. In 1839 Seiga became a painter of the achievement research for Dosetsu and visited Hoashi Banri in December. It seemed to have received the San at that time. This classical Japanese style painting shows refined and calm landscape, which was Seiga’s favorite technique.

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  • Title: Mt.Tachibana
  • Creator: painting by Umezawa Seiga, inscription by Hoashi Banri
  • Date Created: around 1840
  • Physical Dimensions: w112.0 x h55.0 cm
  • Type: Painting

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